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Ultimate CRM is an online service for prospecting that improves your sales force. Manage the data of your customers, prospects and leads efficiently and in real time.

Founders: Paul Ghislain MEFANE ANGO, Mistourath YESSOUFOU and Bruno ABENA

This startup offers a smartphone application allowing all natural or legal persons who wish to have all the necessary information on the tax field. Founders: Junior NGANGA SINGATADY Eugene Emery Joffrain MAYAKA LANGANGOUET

Ekena is a startup that promotes local tourism by developing digital solutions for all actors of the value chain. It offers a ticket reservation application for users and a complete digital solution for the management of any type of travel agency.

Founders: MBA EDOU Teddy Sonnord, IBINDA MOUSSADJI Vilia, KAMDEM POGO Willy

Site interne

CaPay is an application that centralizes and streamlines salary management. Easily and quickly pay your employees located outside of your headquarters city with a digital payment solution.

Founders: Steeve Wilfrid EYEGHE, Aiane NGOUESSONO, MBAMI Holden, Stevy DITONA and Steeve MEFAGHE

Orema mobile application allows remote management of your prepaid electricity meter (Edan). From your smartphone, monitor your consumption, check your balance and easily recharge your account.

Founders: Jean Claude Birane NDIAYE and Scarlett PINDJI

IDENTITY is a startup that offers an e-security application, which aims to: - personalize user safety; - geolocate individuals; - regulate road checks.

This is an innovative startup offering a mobile application for organizing weddings The objective of this tool is to facilitate access to administrative information concerning marriage. Founders: NDEMENGANE ONDO Magalie wife BOUNDA MBADINGA, NSA ONDO Coralie

WEBCARS est une plateforme numérique de mise en relation entre de potentiels passagers et conducteurs. Fondateurs : HOULA-HOULA Jean-Arsène, ESSEBE NGWA Prince Emmanuel

This startup offers a solution for: - solve the problem of accessibility to notarial services - put notaries and their potential clients in touch. Founders: Sabrina MBOUMBA, Coralie NDONG, Dieynaba SOW, Sady SADY

Wagui is an agriculture application accessible with or without an Internet connection. It allows local farmers to obtain targeted advice, as well as loans for the rental of small agricultural equipment.


The Startup DUK'OBIERI offers the digitized CNAMGS care sheet with an application allowing patients to be served in several pharmacies on the same order / care sheet.

Founders: Fati BISSA IWORE, Délia Jussie BABICKA, Aminata MALANDA DIA, Jaelle Ruddy MISSALOT

The startup USHANN LABS offers a Gabonese Shared Medical Record (DMPG) that gathers all the patient’s medical information enabling healthcare professionals to have access to useful information as soon as it is supported. Founders: Anselme Russel AFFANE MOUNDOUNGA; Austen Jr MOUITY CAKPO; Dieudonné NKUNA OBIANG

The startup H14 offers equipment (personalized medical bracelets) allowing the identification and rapid care of patients in health centers and hospitals.


Performix Inno is a mobile application to make your day easier. Make your purchases online from the interface, order from pharmacies and make an appointment at your bank or in a hospital.

Founder: Yvan NGUEMA

Atace Handi is an online platform for people with disabilities to get trainings and educative support. Access content adapted to all types of disabilities thanks to various reading modes : text, video, sign language, subtitles, sound assistance.

Founder: Béatrice NZANG ESSONE

Panafricom is an online platform dedicated to professionals. Organize professional events and trainings using only your computer.

Founders: Ralph NGUIMBI and Emmanuel URDICH

Mon Assurance is a mobile application that facilitates the management of your insurance contract. Subscribe online and benefit from an Internet follow-up in case of disaster.

Founders: Yannick Thierry ABOH and Junior ZELE